Disruption of Transmission

Where do I begin? I haven't posted here since September of 2018! I know that's not something you want to say out loud or bring to anyone's attention, but I am proud of the projects and life events that have happened since then!

Wedding planning was my top priority at the end of last year. Making some time for sexy Jeff Goldblum on Halloween, family gatherings in November, a few trips to Naples for Christmas lights and BOOM it's already time for a January wedding. They say "time flies" but I've never seen it reach lightspeed. Needless to say, we both said "I do" when we met down the aisle and as our days of wedding planning ended, our new lives began.

In March I turned 31(not included in your "20 birthdays"). Nothing notable with that birthday but shortly after, my wife and I began making moves to start our own business. We have been taking photographs with each other for the past 3 years and we decided it's finally time to take a big step in a slightly new direction. I can't say exactly what the project is yet but we are both overjoyed to be making this a reality.

Although I've been hard at work for the beginning of the year, my fine art has definitely been lacking. For that reason, I am so excited to be featured at another RAWArtists event this month! This show on June 19th(did you see my newsletter??) is giving me the push I've needed to knock out a few more original pieces as well as getting some prints to sell in person! Frankly, I despise shipping art since I can't make absolutely sure it will arrive untouched so it makes selling by hand all that much more worth it.

I hope to see you in person this month in Downtown Los Angeles, and make sure to stay tuned for the new adventure my wife and I are going on!