Faking It on MTV

It sure is fun to have friends in the TV industry!

My pal Alex Hunter(Everyone I Love Is Dead) also works on a variety of TV shows when he is not directing zombie hordes. He asked me if I could send him some art files to get printed for the background of the TV series Faking It on MTV.

Faking It isn't a show I would typically watch so of course, I missed these scenes when the show came out. I recently stumbled across some paperwork from Alex and my art agreement, reminding me the name of the High Schooler show I signed up to be on! A quick Google search and I was able to find the Season 3 episode my art was on, available on Hulu(nice).

The episode was about one of the main characters having a piece in the student art show. My art was used to accent the background and make it feel like an authentic art class/gallery.

My wooden "Bauhaus" art piece on the table in the background(above "Gregg Sulkin")

My portrait of Wayne and my double-faced portrait of The Pierces on the back door

Portrait of The Pierces, my red "Sea of Ink" painting and my couples portrait "A Kiss From Me" on the brick wall