Now You Simi, Now You Don't

Drugs, guns, cars, and murder. Not what you typically think of when you think of Simi Valley. So how do you portray that in a poster about exactly that?

See how I did...

I am always happy getting a call from Adaptive Studios and when they asked me to make the poster for their new series, Simi Valley, I jumped at the chance.

This project also intrigued me because this was the first drama series the studio had asked me to work on. The director(RJ Collins) was originally drawn to my "Struzan" style posters I previously made for Adaptive but through multiple compositions and drafts, he landed on this final overhead shot of the main character.

Much grittier, more mysterious, a little alarming. Each episode of the series starts and ends with beautiful drone shots of Simi Valley and I wanted to get that feeling in the poster. You can see all of my initial concepts and hear a little more of the process of getting to this final image in my Portfolio.

Watch the trailer for Simi Valley here:

This is now my third poster for Adaptive Studios(cue confetti)! And thanks again to Adaptive for the killer screening party!

As it goes, the Director has a say for some things, the studio for others, and the streaming service(who purchased the series) for more. If you research Simi Valley on Blackpills on your own accord, you may run into this graphic(right->). This image was made prior to my involvement and although its vibrant colors and huge title help make it easy to catch your eye, the director felt the show needed a poster that felt like it actually came from the series. The bright color and tire tracks give this image a very "car chase" feel that the series does not have.

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