September to Remember

The last 30 days have been jam packed!

I ended my month of August by picking up my limited run of only TWENTY-FIVE prints of my Kendrick Lamar portrait and was ready to list them online for you to own. Of course, life happens around art and I quickly found myself in probably the busiest month of my life with a whopping total of only 6 days at home(Count Tyrone Rugen could count those on one hand!). A mixture of jobs and wedding related things took me from Phoenix to Medford to Palm Springs and finally Orlando; I've barely had time to catch my breath let alone sell products online.

So now as I sit in my Orlando hotel room, staring at the tallest points of all the amusement parks I'm not going to, I want to give everyone the opportunity to put their thumb on their own copy of my KL portrait before waiting for me to get home. That's why I have decided to have a pre-sale! Grab your print this week and when I get home I will ship my little heart out on October 3rd.

Click here to head to my store and get yours!

(If you haven't already, check out my time-lapse process video in the post prior to this one.)