Stellar People, Black Pills

Adaptive Studios is at it again with their new series, Stellar People, and every great series needs a great poster to show it off!

Want to see the whole thing?

I was fortunate enough to be asked to make the poster for this new series. I have worked with Adaptive in the past on Everyone I Love Is Dead, the post-post-apocalyptic zombie series. Now equipped with an iPad Pro I felt ready and excited to tackle another Struzan style poster for them.

I had about 2 weeks to work on this poster from point of contact to delivery. A bit rushed but still enough time to put in some nice detail. I would consider this mostly an illustration since I used rough pencil strokes throughout the piece with my Apple Pencil in hand and the Procreate app recording my every stroke. The mobility of the iPad was crucial during the time I drew this since I was away from my computers for a good chunk of time during those 2 weeks. After the drawing and coloring of the actors was complete, I threw my drawing into Photoshop and added the galactic background and title text.

I go into greater detail about the process and show my initial compositions in my Portfolio.

Adaptive also threw a great screening party for this series as well as another short series that I had the opportunity to create the poster for(more on that in my next post).

(My hot dates next to me, Julian Doan & Jole Sanchez)

Here's an early write-up for a little background on the series:

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