STFU Donny!

I am very proud of my new drawing of the three main characters from The Big Lebowski including Donny, Walter, and the Dude, all drawn as In-N-Out food items!

I was cracking up while watching the scene in The Big Lebowski where Donny keeps trying to get the group to go to In-N-Out since deep down I am trying to get everyone around me to take me to that golden arrow of goodness. I figured what a better way to represent Donny's struggle than making each character in that scene into items off the In-N-Out menu.

I get a kick out of redoing company logos for my own enjoyment and couldn't miss this opportunity of turning the In-N-Out logo into the words "Shut the fuck up Donny!" I've also listed the logo by itself if you're into it! Put them together and you've got yourself a kick ass t-shirt or sticker, now available!