STFU Donny!

I am very proud of my new drawing of the three main characters from The Big Lebowski including Donny, Walter, and the Dude, all drawn as In-N-Out food items!

I was cracking up while watching the scene in The Big Lebowski where Donny keeps trying to get the group to go to In-N-Out since deep down I am trying to get everyone around me to take me to that golden arrow of goodness. I figured what a better way to represent Donny's struggle than making each character in that scene into items off the In-N-Out menu.

I get a kick out of redoing company logos for my own enjoyment and couldn't miss this opportunity of turning the In-N-Out logo into the words "Shut the fuck up Donny!" I've also listed the logo by itself if you're into it! Put them together and you've got yourself a kick ass t-shirt or sticker, now available!

You may have also noticed that I have been using RedBubble a lot more than I have in the past. Once I tried their way of uploading art into my shop, I was sold. Society6 has made it a chore to get your designs uploaded and implemented across multiple products. Not only that but their search tool helps you find nothing you're looking for except for the items they are pushing constantly. RedBubble has shown to be a more accepting community who searches for art and follows through in ordering it. S6 has proven over and over that it's just too cool for school and too cool for light hearted joke designs. By all means, if your art is geometric buffalo photographs collaged over pictures of galaxies with a female figure in negative space, then Society6 will be your home away from home. For me, I'll stick with RB from now on(plus they offer die-cut stickers! No brainer).

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